Welcome To Giga Bulldogs

01. About Us

We are a family-based breeding operation that devotes much of our time, energy, and finances into our franchise in order to produce high-quality puppies. We have worked diligently throughout the years and are now proud owners of some of the most sought after pedigrees in the Boxer dog world. We adore our puppies and treat them like family.

From owning a Boxer Pup in 2005 as our family companions, our love and understanding for these awesome breeds have developed over the years and a need to help other families get the best family companions, All of our puppies of every litter are put up for sale. Our beautiful puppies are healthy, up to date on vet checks and shots. At 11 weeks old, these litters are all good to join their forever homes.

02. What We Offer

Our puppies are carefully planned to create specific DNA results. We make sure to match parents together that complement one another when it comes to their build and structure. With artificial breeding, C-sections, and constant monitoring during the first two weeks of the puppies’ lives, the process can be very time-consuming. Although raising Boxer pups is not an easy task, it’s always rewarding.

03. Our Delivery Methods

We have delivered puppies in just about every state in the United States and Canada along with pups that are now living in Hungary, Germany, China, Australia and Uk We use services of reliable pet transportation companies and any reliable service you wish to recommend be sure to contact us.
We are proud to offer references from past customers who have visited our home to pick up their puppies, along with those who have chosen the hand delivery service. All of our dogs are vet checked twice before being transported to their new homes.
We even offer a one-year health guarantee on life-threatening genetic disorders. Please see the puppy contract page for more information.
You can also feel free to check out the assortment of colors and color combinations we have available and are able to produce, as well as our current puppies up for sale/adoption. If you do not see what you are looking for, we can add you to our waiting list. Contact us via email for any additional questions, and check back regularly for updated litters.